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The 5 Acre Arts Marketplace is OPEN for business!

You will discover an eclectic mix of art offerings at the 5 Acre Arts Marketplace. New pieces will be offered for purchase as they are completed and I hope you’ll find artwork that resonates with you. Inventory will be added to the marketplace as it becomes available.

Click on one of these links to access my artwork: Repujado, Kumihimo, and Handbound Journals.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, please check back often!



My book sale has been very well received so more books have been added to the mix for the July newsletter. Many of these books are out of print and no longer available.

I need more space in my studio for creative endeavors, so I am culling my beloved bookshelves to make room... my loss is your gain!



Contact me lynda@5AcreArts.com if you're interested in purchasing. Prices listed, no sales tax, you may pay with cash or Zelle®.

Sorry, no credit cards or PayPal for the book sales.



In the United States:

Books must be picked up or customer may pay for shipping.

Outside the United States:

Customer pays for shipping. Before purchasing, please contact me via email for current shipping rates, lynda@5AcreArts.com.



NO RETURNS - All Sales Final.

Books -

Like new & gently used

This is just one section of my Marketplace. For more handmade artworks, click on the links that follow to visit: Handbound Journals, Kumihimo, and Repujado. I appreciate your interest!

$2 each ⬇  $2 each ⬇  $2 each ⬇

$5 each ⬇︎  $5 each ⬇︎  $5 each ⬇︎︎

$10 each ⬇  $10 each ⬇  $10 each ⬇︎  $10 each ⬇︎