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Classes are: Adults only, No children, No pets, and Fragrance-free please.

Class size is limited to ten (10) students and your Pre-Paid Registration is required. You may complete your registration and pay for your class now with your Credit Card. You are not registered until your payment has been received.

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If you have registered and paid for a class via the 5 Acre Arts website and need to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you contact me by email at least three (3) business days (M-F) prior to the start of your class. Please include your name, class details and personal contact information.

Late cancellations will not receive a refund.

NOTE: If you did NOT register via the 5 Acre Arts website and have to cancel for any reason, you will need to contact the individual artist, sponsoring group or store regarding their Cancellation Policy.

As a reminder, although I do teach in a pretty relaxed classroom atmosphere, I still believe in general guidelines. Click HERE to read about Classroom Etiquette.


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BOOKBINDING: Four In One $$$

Japanese Stab Bindings - In this 1/2 day class you'll create four small journals and an origami folder to hold them all. Japanese stab bindings are great for holding together a group of single-sheets of paper and you'll learn four (4) different bindings! These sweet booklets are great as gifts, making notes, or for use as travel journals.

WHEN: 10am-2pm on THURSDAY, September 23, 2021

WHERE: Holland Center, 34250 N, 60th St (Orion Bldg), Scottsdale, AZ 85266 *We'll be in Mesquite.

Registration Closed.

Instructor will supply the cover papers, pages, bookbinding thread (several colors available), a bookbinding needle for use in class, handmade paper for the origami folder, and written instruction.

Students please bring these items:

✔  Bone folder, teflon folder, -or- teaspoon (for burnishing)

✔  Scissors that cut paper well (NOT your best sewing shears)

✔  Pencil, pen, note paper

✔  SHARP sturdy craft knife (a snap-blade is a good choice)

✔  Cutting mat -or- glass cutting board

✔  Paper piercer (awl, hand drill, -or- Japanese screw punch)

✔  Ruler w/metal cutting edge

QUESTIONS? Email me, lynda@5AcreArts.com