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Some of my favorite folks...

  1. Bullet - BEST bonefolders ever! One of my favorite tools.
          Made out of teflon, leaves no shiny creases on your paper, and glue doesn’t stick to them.

  2. Bullet DRAW Enterprise - Distinct Rustic Art & Woodwork by Ken Ryan - HITH 2019

  3. Bullet John C. Campbell Folk School - Brasstown, NC

  4. Bullet - For those of you who asked where I get my business cards.

  5. Bullet Ravay Snow - Custom-painted portraits with an emphasis on the animal kingdom! - HITH 2017

  6. Bullet Robin’s Nest Studio - Custom murals, whimsical painting, ceramics by Robin Ray - HITH 2019

  7. Bullet Stone Creek Designs - Beautiful fine art jewelry by artist Sarah Foster - HITH 2019

  8. Bullet Volcano Arts - All kinds of cool tools and bookbinding supplies