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Repujado Artist - lynda Abare

The weather is still cool enough to hike if you go REALLY early.

A friend and I went hiking in Spur Cross last Friday, early in the morning. The weather was beautiful, with a slight breeze. No water in the creek beds, but the pond was full and the desert trees were still lush. Several benches have been added since I last hiked the Metate Trail, so we did have places to rest with shade when we needed it.

We did NOT encounter any snakes or mountain lions (thank goodness) but we did see lots of lizards and birds. In the photo below is me standing in front of a very old saguaro the park rangers call “Mr. Viagra”. He does have one huge, long arm (still connected and growing) laying along the ground to my left.

Photo credit: Anna Marsolo.

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Check out my class calendar!

My mixed-media, metal embossing, kumihimo, and bookbinding workshops are held each month at the Holland Community Center in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

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You can register now for my next class at the Holland Community Center on SATURDAY, August 10th (10am-3pm). Students will learn the Basics of Kumihimo bead weaving.

Then on September 14th, it’s back to Metal Embossing!

We’ll be making “bug boxes”. What’s your favorite bug? So fun!

Class enrollment limited to 10-12 students.