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Repujado Artist - lynda Abare

5 Acre Arts - April 2019

Spring has arrived, and she brought flowers!

Our desert backyard has been overrun with Globe Chamomile (also called Stinknet) and while I love our meadow of prolific green and neon yellow flora, I am not looking forward to cutting and/or pulling the plants up when they finally wither and die.

Plentiful blooms in the spring can lead to wildfire danger in the summer and must be tended to in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, I am out enjoying our beautiful weather and plan to stay curious,



Check out my class calendar!

My mixed-media, metal embossing, kumihimo, and bookbinding workshops are held each month at the Holland Community Center in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

You can register now for my next class, “Pewter Sampler - Metal Embossing Basics”, 10am-5pm on SATURDAY, April 13th.

Class enrollment limited to 10-12 students.

Click HERE for additional information.