Classroom Etiquette ~ General Guidelines

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In my classroom, respect for your teacher and classmates is not only expected, it is a requirement.


  1. Arrive early to set up your workspace and be seated and prepared to begin at the appointed class start time.

  2. Be patient and wait your turn when it is time to pass out supplies. First come is not necessarily first served. There is plenty for everyone.

  3. Keep your supplies together and work within your designated table space.

  4. Keep any drink or food containers covered, preferably off the work surface. Spills happen, but you don’t want to be responsible for ruining someone else’s artwork.

  5. Keep any critical comments to yourself. Avoid humming or singing to yourself. All three of these are a distraction to the rest of the class.

  6. Keep your phone turned off for the duration of the workshop. Make your phone calls during your break or lunch period.

  7. Follow your instructor’s directions. Presumably, you are in class to learn from the instructor and going off on your own tangent negates that premise. What you might consider “creative variations” to your class project are usually obvious AND a distraction to the rest of the class.

  8. Ask for help from the instructor when you have a question or need clarification. Asking your neighbor for help distracts them and the rest of the class.

  9. Return any tools you borrowed.

  10. Bring pertinent items for “show and tell” but ask the instructor FIRST before presenting to the class.

  11. Be courteous. Respect your instructor and your classmates, including their time and their workspace.

PLEASE DON’T abuse the instructor’s tools or supplies.

  1. She has invested in you and this workshop, providing tools and supplies so you don’t have to bring them yourself. If tools are abused or damaged, class fees will increase and so will your supply lists.

PLEASE DON’T borrow your neighbor’s tools or supplies unless they offer.

  1. If you didn’t bring your own, you may borrow from the instructor

PLEASE DON’T wear anything scented, this includes hand sanitizers.

  1. Many folks, including your instructor, are sensitive to fragrances.

PLEASE DON’T use caustic or toxic materials during class, e.g. E-6000 or spray lacquer.

  1. There are alternative products!

PLEASE DON’T chat with your neighbor or stand up to begin your work while the instructor is

  1. still talking. Again, both are distractions to the rest of the class.

I realize these bullet points are generally considered common courtesy, but occasionally we all need a reminder.

I do appreciate you taking the time to read them and taking them to heart.

Your neighbor and the rest of the class thanks you too :-)

      ♡      ♡